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Stoney/Saddleback honor Ryan Sipes at Round #1

Stoney Lonesome joined with Saddleback East in an effort to honor the 2015 ISDE Champion, Ryan Sipes. Ryan took time to meet with riders, sign autographs, actually start the races and hand out the trophies. We appreciate Ryan taking the time to connect with local riders and share his experiences being the first American to every win the International Six Days Enduro.

Stoney Lonesome open the 2016 season with a rained drenched property that was sure to challenge the racers in every aspect. The club grounds received some rain late Friday evening and into Saturday morning leading up to the start of the 50cc PeeWee race.

The PeeWee racers were presented with a completely new layout consisting of a 1 mile course weaving through the woods up on the high ground. It became quickly apparent that the little 10 and 12 inch wheels presented challenges on a hill climb leading up to the home check. In the PeeWee Pre-Mixed class, Doc Smith and Jack Wilkerson separated their selves from the rest of the group. It would prove to be a great race with wheel to wheel action throughout the 30 minute race. Doc held the lead early on, but too many mistakes allowed Jack to capitalize and take over the lead. Doc tried to force the pass several times, but found himself picking up his bike from the ground and then resuming the chase. In the end, Jack was able to maintain his composure and ride smooth all the way to an overall victory with Doc taking 2nd only 21 seconds behind.

The Mini racers faced a 2 mile trail that presented tight single track, open ridge trails, a mud hole and a challenging hill climb. Landon LaMaster quickly established his dominance in the race and simply checked out and rode a flawless race. Behind him, however, there was some really good racing with several 85cc riders making their way into the supermini riders and looking for that overall podium spot. Preston Rechenbach was looking great early on in the supermini ranks, but faded as the race progressed allowing Kenton Coleman to take over the 2nd place in the class as well as the overall. Garrett Mundy and Jackson Fisher were charging hard back in the 85cc race and pushed each other hard enough to end up 3rd and 4th overall with Fisher only 22 seconds back from Mundy. The 65cc class was a little more spread out with many of the little bikes struggling in the slick conditions. Alec Sadler clearly had it figured out as he cruised to a class win and a 6th place overall. Last years PeeWee overall winner, Van Adams, stayed strong the entire race and landed in the 2nd place position with Lane Smith rounding out the 65cc podium.

The adult race was kicked off with 9 AA riders all looking for that overall win and claiming a piece of the cash prize. Eric Douglass charged out strong on his KTM 2 Stroke, but was closely followed by John Maschino on his Yamaha. The rest of the field worked their way into the slick conditions ready to face the 5.4 mile course that was full of challenging terrain and log crossings. The previous evenings rain helped to create some challenging mud holes that required exact line selection.

As the front runners started filtering into the home check, it became clear that the course was truly challenging, tight and technical given the lap times. Eric Douglass led the lap with Maschino and Anthony Wagler in close pursuit. Douglass maintained th elead until Chris Douglass took over as the front running during the third lap. At the mid way point, Chris Douglass, Eric Douglass and John Maschino were our podium runners. It was clear that the challenging course was taking it's toll on the racers as many filtered back to the parking lot while the others simply kept charging, but at a slower pace.

Chris Douglass took the white flag with Eric Douglass only a minute behind. The race was significantly tightening up for third place with John Maschino hold a mere 20 second lead over Steven Squire. As the scoring crew was preparing for the expected checkered flag, there were questions starting to raise as we were over a minute late for the leader. Soon after, the roar of Chris Douglass's 450 Suzuki was almost drowned out by the piping sound of Eric Douglass's 2 Stroke right on his back wheel. Chris found himself stuck on the last lap and lost the lead, temporarily. It was an impressive race to the finish line with Chris barely edging out Eric Douglas for the overall. A few minutes later, Steven Squire emerged as the final podium spot, proving too much for Maschino to hold off.

It was a great start to the 2016 Stoney Series and we look forward to many more.

Stoney Lonesome would like to thank Ryan Sipes, Saddleback East and all the dedicated racers that raced with us. In addition, we would like to Thank our Dedicated Sponsors for their support of the 2015 Stoney Lonesome Series !!

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Stoney Lonesome and Saddleback Motorcycle Clubs Honor Ryan Sipes

In Honor of the 2015 ISDE Championship and AMA Athlete of the year, Saddleback East and Stoney Lonesome Motorcycle Clubs are pleased to welcome Ryan Sipes to the opening round of the 2016 Stoney Lonesome Championship Harescramble Series.

Ryan will be at Stoney Lonesome on Saturday May 21st for a meet and greet, autograph session, general insights from these incredible accomplishments as well as participating in the race itself. We will have posters available for autographs as well as ISDE commemorative shirts for purchase. All proceeds will go toward helping Ryan with his 2016 efforts to repeat as the only American to win the ISDE.

This is a great opportunity to meet a legend and support his efforts for 2016. Maybe even a chance to challenge him for a Stoney win……

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