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Round #2 Rescheduled to June 11th

The second round of the Stoney Championship series has been rescheduled to June 11th due to the Indiana GNCC race being scheduled on the original date of May 21st. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to previous plans.

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Minor Annual Releases

If you have a minor rider (under 18 years of age), make sure to get an AMA Annual Release card. Simply download the form, have your signatures notarized, and forward it to the AMA or bring it to the Rider Registration. Itís not a requirement, but if you have an Annual Release card, your kid does not have to attend Rider Registration. Just think, you get to stand in line all by yourself! The releases must be printed in color and notarized and can be submitted to SLMC at Rider Registration, which will give you a temporary 30-day release card while your card is being processed.

2017 Minor Annual Release

Wording essentially copied from GNCC (

Vince Smith Takes a close fought overall at Round #1

The 2017 Stoney Lonesome Championship Harescramble Series kicked of on a beautiful Spring day in April. Weather forecasts had been calling for significant rain all week long with heavy chances the day before the event. Fortunately, the rain stayed south of the property which provided for great racing conditions for all involved. The great weather and opening round of the series brought a large crowd spectators and near record number of racers looking for a chance to take an early points lead for the year.

The PeeWee racers lined up this race out on the famous powerline opening with a long sweeping corner leading them into the tight single track woods. With 24 entries, a good start would be critical for the early positioning and advantage. Doc Smith wasted no time charging to the front and setting a pace that other would struggle to maintain. Last year's champion, Jack Wilkerson, was giving it his all in an attempt to take the lead and the win. Smith, however, rode a flawless and smooth race which allowed him to take an early points lead in his attempt to win the championship. Tucker McCrary rounded out the podium position for the Overall.

The Youth Mini race track was set up a little on the shorter side of length in anticipation of the rain. The club wanted to make sure the youth riders all had a chance of enjoying the trails and competition in the event is was very muddy. The great conditions and the track layout provided for some extremely exciting racing for the racers as well as those watching. Kayden Hardin, Kenton Coleman and Garrett Mundy were all locked in a tight race for the overall early on in the race. Coleman and Hardin started to break away from Mundy, but were locked wheel to wheel in the mid stretch of the hour long race. Coleman eventually took the lead and maintained it for the Supermini and Overall win with Hardin only edging Mundy by 0:25 seconds. In the 85cc class, Jackson Fischer and Alec Sadler where clearly in a heated battle with neither rider giving way. Fischer would eventually pull away and stay on the lead lap with the flying supermini's and take the class win. In the 65cc class, Grayson Fischer appeared to be in a different league and looked as if he really enjoyed the trail. Tucker Chitwood road a smooth race and landed in the second place position followed by Elliot Porter.

The adult race course was just under 5 miles and was laid out with the same thought as was used on the Youth track. Make sure everyone can get around if the rains come and prevent all opportunities for bottlenecks. With one of the larger rider entry counts and a short track, fast and furious action was guaranteed. The seven AA class racers headed into the woods at a blistering pace with last years overall champion, John Maschino, eating the most roost. At the end of the opening lap, it became obvious that we were in for a full day of intense battling and positioning. Colton Wilkes was leading the pack of the top four which were separated by 11 seconds. As the race progressed, it was anybodies guess who would be leading as they came into the home check. With Wilkes, Vincent Smith, Anthony Wagler and David Quillen still only seconds apart just after the midway point, fuel strategies would start to play a role. Smith, battling for the lead, had to stop and lose precious time knowing he would have lapped traffic to work through in catching back to the pack. It appeared that was not a problem as the pack once again came barreling through. Wilkes would suffer a mechanical issue that set him back in the pack and take him out of contention. In the end, Smith was able to reach the finish line first with Wagler right on his back wheel and Quillen rounding out the top three overall.

Due to an increase in interest, Stoney Lonesome Added a Womens class for this year and we would like to congratulate Sarah Redel for taking the win at the opening round.

Stoney Lonesome would like to thank all the dedicated racers that raced with us. In addition, we would like to Thank our Dedicated Sponsors for their support of the 2017 Stoney Lonesome Series !!

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